Monday, December 1, 2008

Vegas Baby!

So what does a photographer do when his back spasms on the way to a family vacation in Vegas? Right... he rests in a fancy hotel room for a day then, with limited mobility, hobbles to the elevator and starts shooting from the rooftop. Some might ask, "How did you hurt your back?", the answer, "making sandwiches for the plane ride". I guess they were heavier than I had anticipated.
From the roof of the building I didn't have a good view of any wildlife... natural or Vegas induced, so I started looking for abstracts. Oh, by the way, when you hobble around on a roof of a 40 story building with a camera you'd expect to get some questions, not in Vegas. What happens in Vegas stays... yeah you get it.
So, with a tele zoom I did some isolation of buildings to turn them into abstracts, while my family went to see Stomp. Here are some of the results:

This is some of the new construction at City Center.

Quickly to the edge of abstract. Nothing like beautiful buildings reflected in the windows of another building.

Decided to go to a more traditional abstract, Black and White. A misting rain rolled through which added to the "drama".

Here is the mist rolling through the construction at City Center.

More reflections in the windows of surrounding buildings.

We are back home now and I am recovering from my sandwich building spasm. I did get out one night so that we could all go see Lance Burton. Nice show but I am told by my family that Stomp was better... you'd think they could have lied about that for my benefit. :^)


  1. I hope those sandwiches were worth it! Anyway you ended up with some great unique pictures that you probably wouldn't have been around to capture otherwise.

  2. Ha! The sandwiches were great for pushing down the large number of Nuprin I was taking.
    You are correct, Dr Cieslar, I would not have the images if those sandwiches had been a bit lighter. :^)