Wednesday, April 22, 2009

March images

Here are some images from March. I spent sometime at a wetland and over a few days I was able to get some interesting images of Red-winged Black Birds (RWBB).

After many... many attempts I was able to get a RWBB in backlight just as it took flight. At this point in early spring the RWBBs are gathering cattail "fluff" to work into nests.

Intermittently the RRWBs will stop nest building and perform a territorial call. Early in the morning the bird's breath is warmer than the air temperature and each modulation of their voice is mapped in puffs of "steam".

One RWBB had no one to compete for territory with and decided me and my large telephoto lens would do. I quickly conceded the territory by backing up a few feet.

Now unconcerned with me he rotated on his singular reed and called to anyone nearby. Note that the RWBB twists the light yellow feathers under the red feathers on his shoulders to elevate the red patch, "Epaulet".

One last call before heading down deep into the reeds for the rest of the day.
Thanks for looking!