Thursday, June 25, 2009

Snowy Colorado Mountains with snow:

Sunday, June 7, 2009

April Images

Here are some images from April. Rather than a sequence of a single subject this month I am including a single image from several different sequences.
April was cold and snowy and the following images were taken on some of the snowiest and coldest days.

Fresh snow on the rocks and trees makes for a good black and white image. A few hours later wind blew most of the snow from the trees. More on that in a later post to the blog.

Snow wind and an overcast sky can make an ethereal image.

This was a chance sighting of a Cooper's Hawk. Once again the dreary sky makes for an interesting image.

This is part of a series of images of this fox "collecting" voles. The image of the actual capture is somewhat disturbing. Yes, foxes are cute but not if you are a vole.

On a short hike to find foxes I came across, what I call, "Puddle Ice". The water in the puddle, which is in the middle of the hiking trail, has many minerals from the nearby rock. When freezing the minerals cause the ice to form in unusual crystaline structures.

Thanks for looking!