Monday, November 17, 2008

Still Day 1

Over the weekend I wasn't able to get out to do much photography so I brought the outside in. This is unusual for me but I felt the need to punch out some images.

I've been wanting to play around with black background flower images. Once again, not my usual fair, but I wanted to "stretch" a bit. During a walk around the neighborhood I "obtained" a dried out flower and stem, the subject.

I used natural light from a window, black backing board for the background and white backing board for "light bounce". With this I intended to limit the contrast as much as I could... but not so much as to have a totally flat image. Well, things worked out and after some heavy duty dodging and burning and desaturation'ing I came up with the above image.

Same subject but different processing... black and white. Converting to BW was performed with ACR (Adobe Camera Raw from CS4). After that, dodging and burning were performed in Photoshop CS4.
Well, that was fun!

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