Friday, March 20, 2009

February Images

I am posting 6 images from February. I'd like to do this monthly... we will see how well I do.

"Gale Force" A windy day in Boulder.

"Respite" gulls resting between being driven by Red Tail Hawks

"First Light"

"Red Sunrise" Happened upon this scene while setting up to photograph coyotes.

"Fog Revealed"

"Pine Street Abstract"

Thanks for looking!


  1. my top three favs are: Gale Force, First Light, Red Sunrise

    Respite looks like it could be in NatGeo...

  2. Thanks John!
    Gale Force was "fun" to take. The wind just about blew my camera and tripod over.

  3. Doug

    "First Light" really caught my attention. Light white snow on dark green pine trees and contrasting dark brown in tree trunks and the ground. The dark brown obviously fits in, but is unusual in this kind of scene at the same time.

    "Gail Force" is a great composition of subject and light. I tend to keep looking at it as I did when I saw it in Boulder two weeks ago.

    "Respite" reminds me that wildlife doesn't fret about danger when it isn't present unlike humans. Perhaps a lesson I need to learn.

    I enjoy your photos