Sunday, February 1, 2009

Winter in Alaska

Some of you know that I am planning a trip to Alaska to shoot Northern Lights and potentially Muskox. I am supposed to leave Wednesday February 4th.
Some of you might also know about Mt Redoubt, a volcano near Anchorage that is planning an eruption very soon. Vulcanologists are saying that the Mt Redoubt could blow any hour or day. Anchorage isn't in any eminent danger from pyroclastic flows or lava spews but the ash cloud would most likely engulf the city. City officials are telling residents to stock up on food, purchase breathing masks and goggles.
So, most likely I will cancel my trip. Getting stuck in Anchorage in an ash cloud where you can't drive a car (the air filter clogs in minutes), can't fly a plane (jet engines die when flying through ash) and aren't supposed to leave your house (limiting your exposure to ash is advised) makes taking photographs of anything other than ash impossible.

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  1. bummer indeed, i was looking forward to seeing what you came back with! oh well, pyroplastic flows and lava spews should never be taken lightly ...